Russia and International Affairs

Looking back at Russia’s contributions to Poland, Western Europe and America

During this time period, Russia participated in many events globally.

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Many people, such as Poles, were against Russia as Russia colonized many regions.  Before 1795, “there were uprisings in Russia. Meanwhile, there was no Poland on the map.  Since Poles were oppressed by Russia and thought that there were dangerous rebellions between 1830 and 1863, many of them did not want to be identified with the country.  Therefore, many Poles fled to the Ottoman Empire and France to preserve their national identity” (Ozbay).   Simultaneously, “There were establishments of Russian outposts in America since Russia wanted to trade with another country.  One place was called “Russian America,” which is present-day Alaska” (US Department of State).

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On the other hand, Russia tried to showcase a good reputation to Western Europe.  Russia and France signed treaties in order to gain a better relation between the two countries.  Little did they know, the treaties they signed began to impact other countries.  For example, “The Treaty of Tilsit contributed to a chill in ties between Britain and Russia since it helped to export timber, grain and other goods that were supplied to the UK across the Baltic and the Black seas” (Sputnik News).  As a result, the Treaty of Tilsit helped to promote trade regulation between Russia and Western Europe.

Russia also signed a treaty in present-day Germany.  “The Treaty of Eufurt was signed in Germany on October 1808.  The aim was to ‘clinch a comprehensive peace agreement between Germany and Russia.’  Officially, the two countries began to agree with each other and negotiate  about International issues” (Sputnik News).  During this time, “the United States and Russia appointed a representative for their colony” (US Department of State).  The Russian Empire have negotiated with many countries in order to avoid conflicts.

Later on 1832, the Russians and Americans signed the “Russian-American Commercial Treaty, which led to the Organization of the American Russian Commercial Company.  The company was used for efficiency in settlement between the two countries.  After settlements were made, the United States bought Alaska on 1867 due to Russia’s lost of the Crimean War against Britain” (US Department of State).   Therefore, Russian impacted the Western world through colonization. Although Russia was playing a role in the world internationally, the Empire also wanted the people to be able to travel across the country efficiently.  As a result,  “the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway began” (US Department of State).

With America, Russia was able to colonize a region and name it “Russian America.”  On the other hand, Russia was able to settle agreements with Germany, England and other Western European countries.  Something that the Russian government must be aware of was the treatment of Poles and the oppression they faced.  Nowadays, Russia continues to play a huge role in International affairs, especially the US election.  It is hard to predict what role Russia will play in the future.  Hopefully, it will be a good one.


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