Napoleon and Russia

Before, the country that I used to admire a lot was Russia. Everyday, I would talk to my friends about Russian culture and food, as well as finding a way to negotiate with the tsar.

I remember the time when Pavel I was assassinated.  It was very devastating moment for the country and I felt bad for the people.   “Therefore, during the Battle of Austerliz in 1805, I began to prevent hostilities against Russia.  I called for an immediate release of the Russian Prisoners-of-Wars, who were once captured by the French army” (Sputnik News). I wanted to show the Tsar that I am a trustworthy person and I do care about the Russians.  I also wanted them to know that I am not a harmful person.

“Unfortunately, events took a turn.  In September 15,1806, there was a creation of the fourth coalition between Britain, Prussia, Russia and Sweden.  Due to this treaty, I had to withdraw troops adjacent to the Rheine River” (Sputnik News).  I was surprised by how Russia signed treaties with countries that were against France.  “Apparently, two years later, Alexander I and Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia clinched a new bilateral collaboration agreement in Bartenstein.  I kept in mind that I created treaties with Russia in the early 1800s.  They allowed me to expand my borders and talk about issues involving Turkey.  However, Russia and France weren’t able to negotiate on taxes” (Sputnik News). “In 1810, Alexander I imposed a heavy tax on French luxury products” (Greenspace).  I was shocked by the fact since I thought that France and Russia would support each other economically and socially.  Imposing a tax will prevent Russians from buying French products, and I did not want that!

Then, Russia turned it’s back on my country.  Instead, “Russia turned the vassal to Germany” (Sputnik News).  It broke my heart because all of this time, I trusted Russia and they turned their backs on me.  I relied on them throughout the disputes with Turkey.

“The Russian government told me to withdraw the French Troops in Russia while they   began developing a good relation towards Britain.  Although I thought that Russia and France were able to becomes allies again, it was the opposite.  Alexander I decided to sign a peace agreement with Turkey” (Sputnik News).  We were discussing on how to prevent Turkey from growing, and now, Russia is supporting Turkey’s growth.  I cannot handle the discontinuity anymore.  I “believed that France should win a victory against Russia, in order to negotiate” (Greenspace).   This was not what my plan turned out to be!

 “I decided to prepare my army well in 1811.  Little did I realize, that I should have prepared them more for the weather.  Around 700,000 of my troops and I decided to move into Poland to overtake Russia” (Brown).  However, “there was only about 450,000 to 600,000 when I entered Russia” (Greenspace).   The weather killed many of my troops.

“Little did I realize that the Russians pulled back” (Greenspace).  I was happy that the Russians did not want to fight since an agreement can be negotiated easily.  As a result, “We captured the city of Vilna on June 27, without a fight.  I decided to allow my troops to stay there.  Unfortunately, many of my troops died as a result of water and food shortages.  There was still a chance to regain a good relationship with Russia, so I never gave up.  On September 7, we participated in the Battle of Borodino.  We were winning, but the Russians withdrew on the second day” (Greenspace).

I was shocked by the fact that the Russians kept on avoiding battles.  We have to win the war.  There was no way that this will continue.  “A week later, my army entered Moscow.  The city itself was empty, as little people were there.  There was still no food. So I decided to recount my troops. However, there were only about 100,000.  My army and I decided to take a trip to Smolensk, and the same thing happened: no food, water, nothing” (Greenspace).   It was frustrating since the Russians thought that we were probably attacking them.  However, in reality, I just wanted us to get back “on track” with our good diplomatic relationship.

As a result, I escaped.  I cannot handle it.  But it was an absurd decision.  “Europe was against me when I left.  For example, Prussia and the Confederation of the Rhine abandoned me” (Brown).  In a way, it seems like as if the world turned against you, for something that you wanted to fix.  From that moment, I found out that power is not the right way to negotiate with others.

On the other hand, “I rejected the Frankfurt Proposals, which was a big mistake.  Therefore, the four powers, Russia, Spain, Britain and Sweden, signed the Treaty of Chaumont, to stop my country from becoming too powerful” (Brown).  Now, every country is working to defeat France.

When I left, I realize what I had done.  I should have supplied more food and clothes for my troopsNow, I noticed why Europe was against me, not only Russia.  It was because “Russia chose to form the Sixth Coalition: a secret alliance between Russia and Sweden in March 1812, which also included Britain and rebel Spain” (Brown).  I should have not trusted anyone and found out what Russia was like for myself.  I should have never craved for the power and attention that I did not receive.  I learned that as much as you trust a person, you should not always be optimistic about the friendship.  You may be abandoned.  So Beware. 


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